Colonial Daughters Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Farmington, Maine
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   Charter Members  
Organized 25 JUN 1908

Mary C. Adams Orrah M. F. Jackson Bernice M. Russell
Rena H. Adams Emelyn G. Keniston Anna S. N. Savage
Mary E. C. Bass Isie Linscott Della C. Small
Flora A.T. Brooks Henrietta K. Lowell Sadie B. Small
Flora J. Brown Miranda N. Marston Adelaide S. Smith
Anna B.H. Coburn Elizabeth D. Marwick Alice B. Steele
Henrietta Fairbanks Emma M. N. Mayhew Lucile H. Stevens
M. Idella Farmer Florence M. Norton Mabel D. Thomas
Elizabeth Gammon Josephine H. Norton Edith E. Thompson
Matilda M. Gonyou Mary B. Norton Flora I. Voter
Maude F. N. Gray Lillian M. Paine Isabel G. White
Affie Greenwood Marion K. C. Pillsbury Abbie Whittier
Emilie Greenwood Jane M. Presson Elizabeth C. Whittier
Lucy C. Hardy Bertha M. Rice Ethel Withee
Ann E. Heald Annie L. Riggs Hattie Withee
Marcia N. Jackson
  •  1912-1913: A bronze memorial tablet inscribed: "U.S.S. Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor, Feb. 15, 1898, cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine" was presented to the Chapter by Mrs. Annie Waite, a charter member.
  • 1913-1914: The Chapter placed a marker near the site of Benedict Arnold's camp- four miles from Stratton and one mile from Eustis. Inscription on the marker is, "To commemorate Col. Benedict Arnold's Expedition to Quebec-1775. This tablet is erected by Mrs. Sarah Lambert Prescott for Colonial Daughters chapter, D.A.R., Farmington, Maine, 1913."
  • 1917-1919: chapter members devoted much of their time to Red Cross work.
  • 1919-1921: The chapter supported a French War orphan.
  • 1925-1927: The chapter bought a chair in Constitution Hall in memory of Mrs. Harriet P. Keyes.
  • 1933-1935:The chapter observed its 25th Anniversary June 27, 1933, when eight charter members and seven past regents were present.
  • 1935-1937: The chapter paid all State and National quotas for the first time. "The Coos Trail," written by Helen W. Davis, was sent to Washington.
  • 1937-1938: The chapter planted a blue spruce on the Court House lawn to observe the 150th anniversary of the Ratification of the Constitution and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Franklin County.
  • 1938-1940: The chapter voted to pay balance due State Endowment Fund. Entertained State Fall Advisory Board Meeting. The original deed, 150 years old, of the Town of Farmington, was framed and presented to the Public Library by the chapter.
  • 1940-1942: The chapter entertained District No. 7 when Miss McIlroy - State Regent, Mrs. Morgan - Vice President General, Mrs. Binford - Nat'l Chairman of the Magazine, as well as several State Officers were present. In 1941 Miss Lois Fellows served as page at the Continental Congress. In 1942 Mrs. Rachel N. Luce served as page, the Continental Congress being in Chicago that year. 
  • 1942-1944: The chapter purchased a $1000 War Bond. Gave money for Blood Plasma Bank Equipment. Members have given many, many hours to Red Cross work and Civilian Defense, one member having over 1,500 hours to her credit. In 1942 Miss Eleanor Mosher of Wilton, a Good Citizen Pilgrim, won a $100 War Bond in place of the usual trip to the Continental Congress.
  • 1944-1946: The chapter contributed $7 for stained glass window in Memorial Bell Tower at Valley Forge. Gave $10 toward the Maine Star on the National Birthday Bell in honor of our Honorary State Regent, Mrs. Charles W. Steele. Through the years, the chapter members have attended Naturalization Court to give out manuals and to present small U.S.Flags to new American Citizens.
  •  1946-1948: The Chapter gained 9 new members; manuals & flags sent to the Naturalization Courts.
  •  1948-1950: The chapter observed its 40th Anniversary. Ten Revolutionary War Soldiers graves located & marked. Worked with the Library Association rearranging and adding to the Genealogical References Room. Worked with local schools on Washington's & Lincoln's Birthday Observances, with approximately 1,000 students participating. Distributed 200 DAR Manuals for Citizenship. Had exhibition of a plaque made of metal from the Battleship Maine.
  •  1950-1952: The chapter distributed 310 manuals & flags to new citizens at Naturalization Court. Donated Genealogies & genealogical records to Farmington Public Library. Books were given to the DAR Library. A box of clothing was sent to the Kate Duncan Smith School.
  • 1952-1954: The chapter donated boxes of clothing to Tamassee DAR School & Kate Duncan Smith School.
  • 1954-1956: The chapter observed Constitution week. Sent $45.00 for advertising in the DAR Magazine. The Regent and one member attended the 64th Continental Congress.
  •  1956-1958: $109.50 for DAR Magazine advertising. Award of Merit given to Dr. George Loring Pratt, physician & public servant.
  •  1958-1960: The chapter celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Boxes were packed for Passamaquoddy Indians & Kate Duncan Smith schools. The chapter was represented at Continental Congress.
  •  1960-1961: Boxes were packed for Kate Duncan Smith school.
  •  1961-1963: The chapter presented a 50-star flag and a plaque to a local school. American History Month was observed. The chapter was represented at Continental Congress.
  •  1963-1964: The chapter acquired by deed the Elizabeth Dyar Memorial.
  •  1965-1966: The chapter dedicated a tamarack tree at the grave of Elizabeth Nichols Dyar, a Revolutionary War Heroine.
  • 1966-1968: The chapter honored 2 Charter Members and 7 others with 50 years or more membership, by presenting them with corsages and silver trays inscribed with their names and dates of membership. A picture of the home of Mme. Lillian Nordica, "The Yankee Diva," was contributed to the Maine page of the DAR Magazine. Contributions were made to the refurbishing of DAR Constitution Hall.
  •  1968-1969: The regent and one member attended Continental Congress.
  • 1969-1970: Five Good Citizens and their Mothers honored on Guest Day.
  • 1970-1972: The chapter presented a silver tray to 50-year member Dorothy Smith.
  • 1972-1975: A silver tray was  presented to 50-year members Thelma Connors, Edith Hardy, Eleanor Mitchell, Isadore Stevens Martin, Iva Norton, and Gertrude Lane. Daughters traveled to the Elizabeth Dyar Memorial in Strong, took pictures and had our meeting there. An afghan was made for Togus VA Hospital. Rededicated ceremonies were held at the Bigelow marker in September of 1975, the original having been placed 13 July 1935.
  • 1975-1977: Silver trays given to Florence Goodspeed, Susie Lovejoy, and Flora Odell. Members traveled to The Norlands for the April 1977 meeting and a tour.
  • 1977-1979: Members made an afghan for Togus.  Opportunity Farm speaker, Leslie Wright, came for Nov. 1977 meeting. In March 1978  a speaker came from the VA. A plaque was dedicated in the Courthouse and  members visited the tree planted there many years ago.
  •  1979-1981: In 1981 State Regent Valdine Atwood visited and honored our 50-Year members.
  •  1981-1983: A silver tray was presented to Sara Folger. A marker was placed and a  service was held at the grave of Jonathan Knowlton. The chapter placed a flag marker and gravestone at Tibbetts Cemetery for Frances Meader and did a considerable amount of work in local cemeteries.
  • 1983-1985: Restoration work was done on the Dyar Memorial in Freeman. We cleaned stones & grounds, and put up new signs and had our meeting there. Silver trays given to 50-year members Rachel Luce and Barbara Flint. Members had a day visit and service at New Vineyard for Nathan Daggett at Eustis at the Cathedral of the Pines.
  •  1985-1987: Lucille Fronk was elected regent. Fifty year members, Mrs. Barbara Flint, Mrs. Valton Neil and Mrs. Rachel Luce were honored.  Freda Kelley addressed first graders about the meaning of Memorial Day. The chapter's Fourth of July float took honorable mentioned.  State Regent Mrs. E. Joel Bois of Falmouth visited the chapter. The chapter was recognized by Ellis Island Centennial Committee.  Deceased members were Helen Irene Hodgkins and Anna Walker.
  • 1987-1989: Joy Gilbank was installed as Regent as Geraldine A. Staples passed on. A Patriotic program was presented by Mrs. Lucille Fronk. The chapter received a Continental Congress Award - Conservation of Printing Funds. Members dressed the part at meeting on chapter history.  Mrs. Currier C. Holman is 50 year member. Good Citizen candidates: Deborah Parlin, Michelle Roth, Dawn Jackson, Bethany Tilton, and Charles Allen.
  • 1991-1993:
  • 1993-1995:
  •  1995-1997:  The chapter marked graves of Irene Hawkins and Rachel Collins.
  •  1997-1999:  Eleanor Mitchell was honored for her 74 year membership.
  • 1999-2001:  Eleanor Mitchell and Isabelle Jack Pierson’s graves  marked.
  • 2001-2003:  Members clean-up Elizabeth Dyar Memorial. Good Citizens Danielle Adams, Lindsay Burtchell, Emma Carlson,  Sarah Drosdik and Celina Purrington honored. The chapter provided gifts for veterans at Togus. Grave were marked for Florence Voter Jackson. Albert Wells was presented HODAR award.
  • 2003-2005: Graves were marked for Beverly Grant Rackliffe, Jean Syme,  Florence Abigail Ouellette, and Myrtie Flood. Good Citizens were honored:  Sarah Shredder, Jocelyn Plog, Elizabeth Cormier, Sara DeMillo and winner Andrew Moreau. The chapter concluded a long program for Korean War veterans.  Fifty year members honored were Clarice Sturtevant and Madeline Frend. In September 2005 we replaced the 184 year old broken stone of Ebenezer Butterfield, Jr at the Butterfield cemetery. In June 2005 we honored 2 Fifty year members Joy Gilbank and Barbara Yeaton.
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