Caroline W. D. Rich

Mary Dillingham Chapter was organized January 1895 as the second chapter in Maine. The organizing Chapter Regent was Mrs. Caroline Webster Stockbridge Downs Rich, daughter of John Stockbridge, Jr. and Anna Leavitt; granddaughter of John Stockbridge and Mary Dillingham of Byron, Maine and Joseph Leavitt and Anna Stevens of Turner, Maine.

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Charter Members

  • Mrs. Caroline W. D. Rich (Organizing Regent)
  • Mrs. Florence Josephine Bolster
  • Mrs. Alice Frye Briggs
  • Mrs. May E. Getchell
  • Mrs. Rosa Roake Little
  • Mrs. Julia Ann Hatch Moulton
  • Mrs. Kate Reynolds
  • Mrs. Isabel M. Richardson
  • Mrs. Elizabeth F. Robinson
  • Mrs. Mary E. Stevens
  • Mrs. Olive Osgood Stockbridge
  • Mrs. Helen Frye White

In Memoriam

She has passed on over the river,Mrs. R ich
On through the pearly gates;
Her weariness now is over,
Yet still she watches and waits.
Watches beside her loved ones,
Waits in the room-the hall,
Sits by the flickering firelight,
With a loving thought for all.

O strange and sweet the fancy!
IdylhavenI ask not now to know
How the spirits of our loved ones
Around us come and go;
Whether with shadowy footsteps,
Or, borne on noiseless wing,
They come with the old love to us,
And spirit healing bring.

Two verses from a poem written by Caroline W. D. Rich; her home on Frye St. in Lewiston was called "Idylhaven";

above portrait is Mrs. Rich in her later years.